Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween Fun

Bryten was a dinosaur this year and Aspen was a little beeHe loved making dinosaur roars...

Since she is my little princess, Aspen was also a little giraffe

The only bee that can make her home at our house

Bryten's loot. He had so much fun trick-or-treating. Too bad the rain was pouring and we only went to a couple houses.

Brian introducing Bryten to dry ice

Loves the dry ice

Bryten was so excited to carve pumpkins

Brian drew a face on one of them so Bryten could color it

Bryten trying to carve his pumpkin

Our pumpkins


  1. The most adorable photos! What a beautiful family! Love GiGix2

  2. I love your kids Halloween pictures!! They are adorable as always.