Sunday, April 25, 2010

Baby Shower - MELISSAHONEY!! Style

My fabulous sister threw me a Sha na na style baby shower! It was sooo much fun and the theme was pink, pink and more pink!
My sis! The fabulous M Schmem!

Presents! My family and close friends are awesome, I got so many beautiful gifts!
My beautiful Mom and sister!

My best friend Jenal!

My family, some of the ones that could make it...Kaufmans and Williams. They are soo much fun!
My sister wanted everyone to decorate adorable onesies that Brian designed. So some people got in teams and decorated one. (We did this for Bryten's shower as well).

My sister in law, Jess and her fiancee Leo ~ Victorias Secret Angel Baby
SHE Ra, Princess of Power Baby! My sister knows me well, I love She Ra. One of my favorites growing up.

Spanish Flamenco Dancer Baby

Jenal and Caren - Wonder Woman Baby!!

Alisha and Venyce - Pirate Baby, ahoy!

Mariachi Baby!

Lisa, Violet and Yvonne - Little Mermaid Baby
The shower was so much fun! I cannot wait for my baby to use all the presents and enjoy all the toys. Thanks everyone!!

Baby Shower - Gordon Style!

My friend Gretchen threw an awesome shower for me. She is such a good friend and it was so much fun!
Me and my presents.
I didn't realize that I knew so many crafty ladies. I am in awe of every one of them since I cannot do anything crafty to save my life.
The Hostess...Gretchen and her daughter Kylee

My baby's colors are Tiffany blue and purple. The shower theme also included Zebra print, which I love!
Awesome presents!

My fabulous Young Women came. They are such awesome girls!
I love love love working with them.
The Young Women service gifts - definitely priceless. From babysitting to cleaning, I will be using them all!

Marie, my favorite hairdresser and Kylee.

Twins - she is such a doll!

My awesome sister that took leave from Afghanistan! Wow can you believe I still have 2 more months, my belly is poking out!

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!
Cutest little Easter Bunny ever!

Coloring eggs with Daddy

He was so careful with them, it was so cute!
Admiring his work~ very impressive!

Holding his new duck in his favorite truck.

In the basket with his new bunny and favorite ball

My Baby turned 2!

My little guy turned 2 on March 31st. We had 3 parties for him, which is crazy. His favorite things right now are trucks so the theme for each one was trucks. His first party was with all of his favorite friends on March 27th.

We all dressed in yellow for construction colors.

We had the kids color their own trucks and decorate construction hats. Brian built a ramp for them to race their trucks on after (ramp in the middle).

Here is Bryten coloring his own truck.

One of his really good friends, Eliza, saying Happy Birthday!

Daddy helping Bryten blow out the candles

We had a chocolate cake with melted chocolate frosting and crushed up oreos in a big Tonka truck. Yes, I actually made the cake.

Second Birthday party was at Grandmama's house in Provo with our favorite cousins the Kaufmans on Sunday March 28th. This is cake #2

Bryten loved the trampoline that Grandmama brought upstairs.

For his actual birthday on March 31st we had our favorite cake lady Doree make this truck cake for Bryten. It was just a small family party, including Grandmama, Grandpa and Grandmoo.

He loved it! His favorite was the fondant, like his mom.

We had construction cone cups for him to drink out of.

One of his favorite gifts was a trainset and train table that his Daddy made him.
Happy Birthday Bryten! Mommy and Daddy are so happy you are apart of our family and we are soooo proud of you!!