Sunday, February 14, 2010

Weekend in St. George

Last weekend we went to St. George with our friends Brenda & Shane and their family. We had so much fun! Bryten just loves their boys and couldn't get enough of them.

We decided to go to the Dinosaur Farm. Bryten loved running up and down the path squealing at the top of his lungs. After the tour, they have a play area and Donovan, Chase and Bryten decided to color.
Bryten hasn't quite learned that not everything is his. Fortunately Donovan and Chase are so good with him, they didn't mind that he kept taking their crayons.

We went to the indoor pool center that was modeled after the Legacy Center in Lehi. Bryten loves the water and this was probably his favorite activity.

Bryten got so excited when he saw them in the pool. He started squealing so loudly when he saw them.

Bryten kept climbing out and trying to jump back in. He has no fear.

Bryten decided he wanted to sit in the twins' chair while the other one was eating. I still cannot believe he still fits in them. There was music playing on tv and he was dancing in this pic.

He fit much better in the green chair. Bryten loves the twins, Bryce and Brody. He kept giving them hugs and kisses.

After we got home, we gave Bryten his frog for Valentines Day.

He obviously loved it. Happy Valentine's Day!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

It's a Girl!!!

I cannot for the life of me figure out how to turn this right-side-up but here is the sonogram. She is definitely a girl. We are sooo excited. I decided to add pink highlights to my hair to honor her. June 19th, baby girl gates will make her debut!!!

Awesome Visits

So the last week has been pretty busy because we had visits by our really good friend and Brian's sis and fiancee. Big Bird came up first from Montana for Sundance Film Festival.

Bryten and Big Bird bonded immediately. Bryten has recently loved playing in the sink with water and wanted to show Big Bird how much fun it was. The funniest was when Bryten decided to take a cup full of water and decided to dump it all over Big Bird. No provoking, nothing. It was as if he thought Big Bird wanted some water to cool off. Awesome!
Big Bird shows off his true skills.

Brian's sis Jess and fiancee Leo came up a little later. Here we are at Sundance warming our hands by the fire. Loved Sundance! Got to see lots of cool movies.
Love these guys!!

Here is Bryten at the Dino Museum. He loved digging in the sand to find bones.

Here he is playing with Leo at the sand/water area. He bonded with Leo really fast. Leo made sure that Bryten had plenty of toy dinos to play with.

At the Dinosaur Museum. Bryten had so much fun with Uncle Big Bird, Auntie Jess and Uncle Leo. Thanks guys for coming up! We had a blast!!!

Merry Christmas!

This year was Christmas at the Honeys. Bella has been living with my mom for the last couple of months because she has been really testy so it was a nice reunion for Rusty and Bryten. Bryten got so much stuff it was crazy!
My mom got these insane camo pjs for each of us in honor of my sis who is in Afghanistan. Aren't the dino slippers so cute on Bryten? Thanks Auntie M Schmem! He loves them!!

We definitely all miss Auntie M Schmem but only the guys got the shirts.

Bryten was obsessed with this rocking horse my mom has at her house and wouldn't get off it.

Winter Fun

Getting ready for some fun with Daddy's shoes and a santa hat.

Bryten absolutely loves the snow. He throws snow for Rusty all the time. We try to take them up to the mountains to play every week.

Although Bryten loves the snow, he doesn't actually like being deep in the snow; just on top.

Making snowballs to throw. Loves his new army mittens from the Gordons!

Making more snowballs with a dog throw stick.

Cutest little reindeer ever!