Monday, September 21, 2009


We finally made it to Montana. Big Bird is one of our really good friends from Purdue and he was awesome to let us stay with him and be our tour guide. He took us to Glacier National Park, which was gorgeous!!

Yes we have to have Purdue spirit wherever we go. Bryten unfortunately grew out of his Purdue jersey so we are going to have to get him another one!

First time drinking out of a camelbak

So beautiful up there! Bryten loved running around. We got to see some mountain goats too.

Love my little hiker

Loved hanging with Uncle Big Bird

Captain Morgan is everywhere.

Bryten found several large sticks that he loved hitting everything with. He insisted on carrying them everywhere.

Even though it's sideways, I love this pic. We found large roots of trees everywhere and Bryten loved climbing in them.

We went to Whitefish Lake and Bryten watched Daddy and Uncle Big Bird skip rocks.

We seriously want to move up there. It's so gorgeous and peaceful. There is a reason it is known as Big Sky Country.


We went to Montana to visit our friend Big Bird from Purdue. On the way, we stopped at Yellowstone for Bryten's first trip. We saw buffalo, elk, deer,etc. Unfortunately Bryten was asleep for most of it. For the time he was awake, we went to a wolf and bear sanctuary outside of the park. It was really cool to see the animals up close and personal. Bryten's first ride on his Daddy's shoulders

They had a bear skin laying on a table that Bryten kept grabbing. He kept cuddling the bear arm. It was sooo cute!

Inside they had a giant bear that Bryten kept trying to climb on. So we decided it was a perfect family photo op.

Bryten loved the Geysers and the noises they made. He could've stayed there all day.