Wednesday, June 3, 2009

May Updates

Ok, this is a little old but I just got the pics from my sis. My brothers both graduated this year from school; Daniel from BYU and Salem from the U. Salem was in Vietnam during his graduation so the only pic we have is of Daniel. The dean told us not to cheer until the end but we decided to anyway. Congratulations Daniel and Salem!!
Goodbye to my fabulous sister! She is off to Afghanistan to do what she does best: make grown men cry (interrogating). We had a goodbye dinner for her with our cousins. I am going to miss her sooo much!!

Later that night Bryten played in his castle with his cousins. This is the first time he played in it with other kids. He was having a great time. Auntie Melissa taught them how to put the balls through the holes...lots more cleanup now, thank M Schmem! :)

We decided to have Bryten start on chores early in his life. We thought it best if he shared yardwork with his dad. So now every week, he mows the lawn.

This is the cutest lawnmower we found (from Wal Mart). When you push it, it actually makes the sound of a lawnmower. So awesome!