Sunday, May 17, 2009

Fun in the Sun

So after two weeks of Bryten having a serious virus, he is finally feeling better. To celebrate him getting better we have been trying to make up for all the missed funWe put him in his new skull swimsuit from his Auntie M Schmem (Melissa) and set up his water table and blow up pool. He is such a water baby.

Doing his model pose.

He decided to chill most of the time and to hang out with the dogs.

He really loved his water table from Grandmoo and Grandpa. He kept picking grass and putting it on the table.

I took him to the Discovery Center in SLC with his Auntie Melissa. This was really the only thing he could play on because everything else was for older kids. He loved the slide and kept trying to climb it.

For his birthday, his Grandmama gave him a blowup castle ball pit. He absolutely loves it. He stands up, smiles then falls backwards. So adorable.

The castle came with blow up swords and he loved hitting me with them (with help from his Daddy of course).
I am so glad that he is finally feeling better!