Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

This year I have two Valentines.
Bryten loves his Valentine’s day gift (a giraffe) from his Grandmama (my mom).
He would not stop waving his giraffe around.

Crackers on the Go

Bryten has made it a habit of putting his "cookies"(Gerber rice wheels) in his mouth when he crawls or stands. He refuses to eat them at the table.

Snow Day!!

Bryten got this adorable Red Wings snow suit from his Grandmama. We decided to take Bryten out to have some fun in the snow. Isn't he so cute?

Monday, February 9, 2009

Bryten's First Surgery

Bryten's right tearduct was not fully formed when he was born, so our eye doctor needed to do surgery to open it. Our poor little guy has also been battling continuous ear infections for the last 3 months. We decided we needed to put tubes in his ear as well. Fortunately we were able to get both surgeries done on the same day and at the same place. On January 29th we took him to Riverwoods Medical Center and fortunately, he was only out for 20 minutes. Our doctors were incredible and Bryten was so brave! This picture was taken right before he went in. They gave him an adorable teddy bear shirt to wear. (We had to be there by 6:45 in the morning so we were all very tired!)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

About Our Family

Now let me tell you a little about our life. I met my husband in 2000 (yes it has been almost 9 years) and followed him to Purdue where I met some fabulous friends. Brian played on the Rollery Hockey team and I quickly became the "#1fan", going to all the tournaments and cheering too loudly with the other girlfriends to the point of almost getting kicked out of a couple games and getting in fights with other teams (it's called Team Spirit!).
I married my wonderful husband on June 26th 2004 at Orange Hill Restaurant in Orange, California. Friends from Indiana, Utah and California came out to be with us and it was so wonderful having them there.

After we finished college, we moved to Southern California and lived there for a couple of years. We loved it there. Brian continued to play hockey and I continued to cheer and get yelled at by the refs for being too loud.

While we were there, we adopted two adorable dogs, a Corgi named Bella and a Golden Retriever named Rusty.

We moved to Utah in December 2006 for work and were sealed on June 26th 2007 in the LDS Temple in Salt Lake City, Utah.

(Yes, I dyed my hair brown. As most of you know, I tend to change it on a regular basis!)
That August we found out I was pregnant and on March 31st, 2008 Bryten was born. He had so much hair, it was amazing. He is such a little angel.
Brian blessed Bryten on May 3rd and it was so wonderful having our family and some of our friends there. I dressed him in a little white tux.
He definitely has Purdue spirit like his mom and dad.
And he may follow in the footsteps of his Uncle Didi and wear kilts and play bagpipes

Over the last 10 months he has grown so fast. I cannot believe I have such an incredible son and wonderful husband. I hope you have enjoyed the quick refresher of the last 9 years of our lives.

Black Hawks or Red Wings?

Brian would like Bryten to root for the Detroit Red Wings but Bryten seems to want to cheer for the Chicago Black Hawks. Time will tell...(thanks Uncle Big Bird for the Black Hawk outfit)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Bryten's first friend

A shout out to Bryten's first friend, Eliza. Don't they both look so cute!
My little man is always so happy!

This one is for Justin and Jovana

UCD may be in Bryten's future. Thanks Justin for the adorable onesie and sippy bottle!

Bryten Giggles

Bryten's favorite toy is his stuffed crocodile. He is so adorable giggling in this video. CLICK on the picture and it will bring up the video:

From 9months


Santa is so much cuter this year!

My two favorite guys for Christmas and Brian's birthday celebration.