Thursday, December 24, 2009

We hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas!!!

Saturday, November 7, 2009


HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Ok, its a little late, but better late than never, right?
So Bryten was our little Monkey this year, I was a witch and Brian was a crazy Pumpkin Head man.
Halloween is Brian's favorite holiday and he does an incredible haunted garage every year for the past 3 years. This year we had some great helpers from the neighborhood. They were pretty crazy!

One of the guys jumped out at from the recycling bin while people got hot chocolate and homemade rootbeer (thanks Larsens! :)) He scared more than a few.
My mom came up to take Bryten trick or treating with me. We were both witches, doesn't she look fantastic? Bryten picked out his trick or treat Elmo bag. He was carrying it around everywhere. He ended up loving trick or treating. He loved knocking on doors or ringing doorbells and then picking out candy. Most of the neighbors let him pick more than one. We only went to a few since his bedtime is at 7 but he got more than enough.
We took him to Kiddie Kandids to get his pictures done. He loved the sanitizer bottle and had to show us it multiple times.
He also really liked the pumpking and wouldn't let go of it.

Our little Monkey!

Northern Califonia

I am such a slacker. So I am finally updating my blog. We went to California to visit our fabulous friends Justin and Jovana. It was so much fun! They took us around UC Davis, where they are both getting their PHD in Electrical Engineering (ahh!) and to San Francisco, my favorite city in the US. Bryten loved hanging out with them and Justin even bought him a toy truck, which he still loves playing with. Thanks Justin!

Justin and Jovana in San Francisco. We love them, they are sooo awesome and the perfect hosts!

Justin is an awesome uncle! Bryten is learning where face parts are so he decided to show Justin where his were. Justin was very patient with him.

I think he just took something off the shelf that he wasn't supposed to and obviously he is very pleased with himself.

Bryten loved hanging around Justin. They became buddies really quickly.

Bryten pulling on Justins nose. Again, Justin was really patient!

Bryten later became obsessed with his ear. He just kept pulling it and notice his tongue is sticking out because he is concentrating so hard.

Here we are in San Francisco on a Bay Tour. Bryten wasn't fond of the boat since he couldn't keep his balance. Poor little guy!

He did love looking through the manholes. He thought it was a special window just for him.

Love them both!

Bryten loved the sea lions. He kept trying to mimic the noises they were making. We didn't get any pictures of him chasing the pigeons on the pier but he loved doing that. He would laugh hysterically whenever they would start flying away. It was certainly his favorite thing. Thanks Justin and Jovana for a fantastic vacation!!

Monday, September 21, 2009


We finally made it to Montana. Big Bird is one of our really good friends from Purdue and he was awesome to let us stay with him and be our tour guide. He took us to Glacier National Park, which was gorgeous!!

Yes we have to have Purdue spirit wherever we go. Bryten unfortunately grew out of his Purdue jersey so we are going to have to get him another one!

First time drinking out of a camelbak

So beautiful up there! Bryten loved running around. We got to see some mountain goats too.

Love my little hiker

Loved hanging with Uncle Big Bird

Captain Morgan is everywhere.

Bryten found several large sticks that he loved hitting everything with. He insisted on carrying them everywhere.

Even though it's sideways, I love this pic. We found large roots of trees everywhere and Bryten loved climbing in them.

We went to Whitefish Lake and Bryten watched Daddy and Uncle Big Bird skip rocks.

We seriously want to move up there. It's so gorgeous and peaceful. There is a reason it is known as Big Sky Country.


We went to Montana to visit our friend Big Bird from Purdue. On the way, we stopped at Yellowstone for Bryten's first trip. We saw buffalo, elk, deer,etc. Unfortunately Bryten was asleep for most of it. For the time he was awake, we went to a wolf and bear sanctuary outside of the park. It was really cool to see the animals up close and personal. Bryten's first ride on his Daddy's shoulders

They had a bear skin laying on a table that Bryten kept grabbing. He kept cuddling the bear arm. It was sooo cute!

Inside they had a giant bear that Bryten kept trying to climb on. So we decided it was a perfect family photo op.

Bryten loved the Geysers and the noises they made. He could've stayed there all day.

Friday, July 24, 2009

This is the Place

Happy Pioneer Day! For those of you that do not live in Utah, the state of Utah celebrates Pioneers Day on July 24th. It's to celebrate the pioneers that trekked across the US to Utah. Most businesses are closed and we pretty much do silmilar stuff as a Fourth of July celebration.

We decided to take Bryten up to the "This is The Place" Memorial Park where Brigham Young stated to the pioneers that "This is The Place" for Mormons to settle. The people that work there dress up in pioneer outfits and show you games and crafts that they used to do in pioneer times.

I love my two guys and Bryten was finally wearing his hat!

They had a petting zoo that Bryten loved! There were these mini goats that he loved petting. This one in particular he followed around till he could pet it.

He was a little confused with the sheep. He kept poking them.

We took him on a horsie ride but the picture didn't turn out. He liked petting the horses afterward but he kept poking this one in the eye. I am trying to hold his hand back so he doesn't poke him again. Thankfully the horse was very patient and didn't get mad. Bryten is so curious and he is used to his dogs letting him do whatever he wants to them.

Monday, July 13, 2009

My Baby is Famous...

Well not quite but he is on Ladybugs Cakes and Catering website.

Go to There is Bryten eating his monkey cake and my quote. This lady is absolutely awesome. She fit us in at the last minute, made the coolest cake for his birthday and was the nicest lady to work with. I cannot speak more kindly about this company. Plus she put my little man on her website, which shows good judgement. If anyone is looking for a cake, I highly recommend her!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

I know this is late and I really have no excuse but Happy 4th of July! We started out at the Provo parade where my brother plays the bagpipes with his band...
He is the tallest one on the right. Bryten absolutely loved it. Fortunately, Daniel played at the beginning with the Color Guard and so we didn't have to wait long. Bryten loved the sirens that announced and followed them. We ended up chasing Daniel a few blocks, cheering him as we went.

Here we are...unfortunately we are all squinting because the guy that took our picture thought it would be better that we faced the sun (?). Happy 4th of July everyone!!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

CALIFORNIA part 3: Water Fun

We took Bryten to the beach again. Last October, when we came the first time with Bryten, it was a huge mistake. Poor Bryten, he cried as soon as we got there; hated the sand, hated the ocean and the noise. It was disapointing but understandable. This time...

He hated the water again. I don't blame him though because it was freezing and very loud.

He loved looking at it, which is an improvement.

He loved playing in the sand. This is a huge improvement as well. Auntie Jess found some seaweed and rocks for him to play with. He was really interested in the texture of it and kept pulling it along the sand. We are thinking the next time we come down, 3rd time at the beach, will be the charm...hopefully!
We tried taking him to his Grandparents pool but it wasn't heated and way too cold. So we took him in the spa - as you can see, he is much happier. He kept splashing us and giggling.

Just look at how happy he is.

He loves to get us to clap, even in the pool.

Grandpa has decided to have Bryten help him with chores. Of course if it's water, Bryten loves it.

What is it with the Gates'? So lazy, that they have to have Bryten help them with their chores. :) Bryten is also showing how strong he is.
We had such a great visit in California. Thank you Grandmoo, Grandpa, Auntie Jess and all our friends for making this such a great visit.

California part 2

We took Bryten to the San Diego Zoo with his Grandparents, Aunt Jess and her boyfriend Leo. Bryten didn't really enjoy watching the animals behind the windows and gates but he did enjoy some of the other attractions...

We decided to take a family picture on top of a turtle statue.

He loved playing peek-a-boo with the animal cutouts. I think this is supposed to be a caterpillar.

This is a tunnel that you can pretend that you are a hamster. It was hard getting him out of here because he was having so much fun.

His favorite animal is a monkey, can you tell?

As most of you know, Bryten doesn't warm up to people very quickly so we were all happily surprised when he held out his hand to have Leo hold it. Leo bought Bryten this adorable monkey that looked like him. Thanks Leo! Bryten still sleeps with it.

At the zoo, they have a petting area and Bryten was obsessed with this goat; not with petting it but pushing it over. He spent at least 15 minutes trying to push this goat over. He kept grunting and making little goo noises but could not tip it. I don't know what this goat did to him but it was the funniest thing I have ever seen.
Bryten's Grandparents have a playground that we took him to several times. Isn't he just a cutie. He was so proud of himself when he climbed to the top of the playground. We were really proud too. He's getting so big.

He loves his grandpa sooo much!

Bryten loved the slide. He was giggling all the way down.